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Runner Crossing Finish Line

New Agent Learning 

Cross the Finish Line with Secured First Financial of Texas
Hello New Agent and or New Agent in Training to Be! We have put together some general trainings to help you build your understanding of products and important things to know to help you build a successful business.

Agent Success 

            Watch Video (26:14)

Agent Success Guide

Steps to Getting Started

Understanding Products and Terms

            Watch Video (27:08)


Understanding Annuities

Market Vs Indexed Protected Strategy 

Watch Video (8:26 recorded 12/2022)

Discipline to follow for Success!

Watch Video
(17: 21 recorded 09/13/2023)

Common Riders

Compliance Suggestions

Create a Google Profile

Calendly - Scheduling

Why Calendly (3:49)

Database Recommendation

Recommended Services
The following services are recommending to get once you business established and in profit mode. The only service that you want to get sooner the later is the E&O insurance. If you have questions, please discuss with your manager.

Calendly for Appointment  Scheduling

Use Calendly for your online meeting scheduling. Calendly will send out text and email reminder messages to your  clients  and will ask them to confirm. It will also link up with your calendar. The Standard Plan is the one you want, it is $12 a month plus tax. They offer a 14 day trail. To Get Calendly, click on the link below:


Use Gsuite for your business email. It is hippa compliant. You also get business unlimited Google Meet meeting time. If you would like a email click here. If you want to set up a separate email address, click here.

E&O Insurance

Napa Benefits offers agent and agency E & O (Errors & Omissions)  insurance. This insurance is required to write business with insurance companies. To see more information, go to Napa Benefits

LegalShield Legal Plans

LegalShield offers another layer of protection. You can get unlimited phone consultation about legal matters. If you are sued the plan offers prepaid trial defense hours. You can get document reviews and other services as part of the membership. To learn more go to

Insurance Exam Test Prep Course

The Insurance Exam Queen offers video training and more on what is covered on the test and how to pass it. This course is great if you are bad test taker or have a learning disability. Her course is $97.  She has many You Tube videos too. 

Nextiva Phone Service

Nextiva provides a professional phone services. Our direct contact is Sam Weinstein. His direct number is: (602) 362-6182.  He will get you set up with the best options and pricing for you. Fill out the Enrollment Form and Sam will contact you.

Anti Money Laundering 

Anti Money Laundering Course offered by Surancebay. This course is required to be contracted with the insurance carriers. It would be a good idea to complete it sooner than later.

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